Peephole viewer doorbell


Size:L64*W64*T16mm / L135*W85*T18mm




Thank you for purchasing our digital product of peephole viewer doorbell. This product is totally an overturn to the traditional peephole. It mainly solves the problems of the traditional peephole which needs to be close to door when checking outside, inconvenient to use and has small angle. The advantage of the product is that it can provide user a new using experience with a wider and bigger angle.

The view of the user will no longer be limited, instead, more scenes around the visitors can be observed freely, and no details will be missing. Peephole viewer doorbell also avoids the awkward and inconvenience that the traditional peephole brings when user needs to close to door to observe the outside situation.

Besides, it also eliminates the weakness of the traditional peephole which can be easily peeped by others, and thus to protect the user's privacy. User don't even need to stop what he/she is doing, but just need to look at the display screen from a distance to get the visitor's information easily. Moreover, this peephole viewer doorbell also collects the visitor taking picture function. You won't miss any visitor even if you go out.

For bringing into play the product's excellent performance, please read the instruction carefully before install so that to assemble and operate it properly.



Outdoor Device
Camera Pixel 300 thousand pixels
Camera View Angle 120 degree
Illuminant 4 infrared LED
Appearance Dimension L64*W64*T16mm 
Operation Environment Temperature -10~55 degrees Celsius Relative Humidity 95%
Indoor Device
Power Supply 4 pieces1.5V AAA batteries
Power Adapter: DC6V/500mA, 3.5 plug
Display Screen 2.8 inch LCD
Screen Resolution 240 * 320 pixel
Power Consumption Operating 600mW, Standby Mode 0.08mW
Appearance Dimension L135*W85*T18mm
Storage Capacity The indoor device can keep 25-30 photos (640*480) without SD card. The storage capacity can be expanded with
16G SD card. (Maximum)